We implement CareLogic and ensure your team is properly trained to maximize its benefit.

Health Priority Systems (HPS) provides CareLogic implementation and training solutions designed to reduce staff costs, facilitate accurate and timely notes, and improve care coordination.

Electronic health records, such as CareLogic, are a critical component of the modern healthcare practice, providing healthcare practitioners with real-time information about the client’s health history, diagnosis information, allergies, treatment progress, and lab and test results. HPS implements CareLogic, a system developed specifically for behavioral healthcare providers and provides the following EHR training and benefits:

  • Cloud-based software solution, eliminating the need for hardware upgrades
  • An implementation plan that aligns with your organization’s goals
  • A single source for electronic client records, improving care coordination and efficiency
  • Flexible and intuitive tools for front desk, billing, point of entry, and referral tracking
  • Meaningful Use certified, giving you access to incentive programs

We train your staff to maximize the benefits of using CareLogic.

While the software is extremely powerful and intuitive for an organization, it must be properly integrated and accurately used to ensure maximum benefit and avoid costly disruptions in services and cash flow. Working with numerous providers, we have deployed CareLogic and trained staff for their day-to-day operations. With our approach, we can provide your behavioral healthcare organization with:

  • Appropriate setup of organizational and program structure
  • Creation of multiple data tables, including:
    • Service activities
    • Payer fee matrices
    • Procedure codes mapped to the appropriate payers
  • Selection and implementation of an electronic prescribing service
  • Selection and implementation of an electronic signature solution
  • Modification or adaptation of existing service documents into electronic format
  • Creation of customized reports based off real-time data
  • Updating existing workflows to improve client care
  • Selection and implementation of a billing clearinghouse, as needed, including test files
  • Assistance to become an Ohio Medicaid Trading Partner, as needed, including test files
  • Staff training on workflow and service document changes