We offer custom reporting solutions to make the most efficient use of your CareLogic EHR.

CareLogic collects a full array of data for your billing, clinical and compliance departments but providers frequently find it challenging to track and report this information in a useful and meaningful way. Health Priority Systems develops custom CareLogic reporting, using Pentaho, Access, SQL, and Excel.

Get the most relevant data out of your system.

We recognize that a major benefit of using CareLogic is improved data collection, which will support many aspects of your organization’s efficiency. Whether you have internal or external reporting needs, we will provide you with an appropriate reporting solution.

We have created a variety of reports across financial, compliance, billing, and clinical departments, including:


  • Weekly Remit database – assemble 835 & deposit files in one place for efficient analysis, rebilling, and write-offs
  • Overlap report – prevent double billings by tracking overlapping client sessions


  • Internal Chart Review – reduce paper and tediousness of auditing charts
  • Caseload Review – see the client’s last & next appointment, treatment plan and assessment dates


  • Tracking revenue lost due to clients exceeding weekly or annual limits
  • Calculating staff’s productivity based on cash received


  • Clients served in each program, by diagnosis
  • Clients’ progress over time

Are you approaching an on-site accreditation or audit? Are you trying to determine if your clinicians are compensated fairly according to their productivity and payments received?

These are all scenarios in which we can help you get the data and reporting you need.

Your CareLogic system comes with numerous standard reports. Before approaching a custom written report, HPS will analyze existing reporting options to determine if there is a better reporting solution that we can provide. Our goal is to create better consumers of data.