An experienced approach to improving your billing processes.

Efficient billing practices, claims processing, and reporting can improve a behavioral healthcare organization’s cash-flow and provide a stronger cash position. Health Priority Systems (HPS) has helped numerous organizations improve their cash flow by implementing an enhanced billing process through CareLogic that includes:

  • Strengthening claim billing processes
  • Improvements in claim collection rates
  • Developing a payment remittance database
  • Identifying and resolving claim denials
  • Report creation to track specific billing and payment information
  • Providing revenue cycle activities, payment posting, and receivable analysis
  • Overseeing monthly closing activities

We offer a number of billing support options for your organization.

HPS can provide you with both the implementation of billing processes, as well as the day-to-day operations of billing support, including:

  • CareLogic Billing. We provide comprehensive billing services for your CareLogic system, covering your entire accounts receivable cycle. Whether you bill MITS, Medicare, commercial insurance, board payers, or any combination of these, we can do it. This start-to-finish service includes:
    • Weekly analysis of failed activities & failed claims reports
    • Weekly eligibility batch submission (270) and 271 report analysis
    • Claim approval & batching
    • File submission
    • Payment posting
    • Denial management
  • MITS Setup & Testing (Ohio Only). We estimate a 20 hour timeframe to deliver a basic billing program and software implementation. This estimate is contingent upon the complexity of the organization and program structure, as well as the number of activities required, payers considered, and if this is a new or existing service. Our MITS Setup and Testing process includes:
    • Trading Partner Registration
    • Payer Panel Setup (AOD & MH as needed)
    • Payer Setup (AOD & MH as needed)
    • Procedure code mapping
    • 837 and 270 file configurations in CareLogic
  • Training for billing staff: We estimate hours based upon the unique needs of our customers. Please contact us for more information on billing training. Our services include:
    • Billing process best practices
    • Front desk collection
    • CareLogic GL closing
    • Development of detailed workflows

Are you ready to get started?

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs in your billing department or in need of training for your current billing staff, HPS can provide billing support to keep your accounts receivable on track. Contact us today to learn more.